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The focus of the prime minister Narendra Modi’s fifth televised address on Covid-19 was ‘Atm Nirbhar Bharat’ or a self-reliant India.

Remove China Apps will help people to support “Atm Nirbhar Bharat’ by identifying  the origin country of the applications installed in their mobile phones.

Download Link:

How it works:

Install in your Mobile
Scan the apps installed in your mobile.
After scanning it will list Applications and respective country name 
You can choose which app you want to uninstall and which app you want to keep, and uninstall the apps one by one in single click.

Remove China app doesn’t ask for any permission of you mobile system, that makes this app very safe and secure to use.

This application is being developed for educational purposes only to identify the country of origin of a certain application(s), we do not promote or force people to uninstall any of the application(s).

Detecting the country of origin is based on the market research but we do not guarantee for any correct/wrong information, so users should act only at their own will.

Our application detects and shows the installed application name only. All trademarks and/or copyrights and/or patents are the property of their respective owners.

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June 02, 2020

June 2, 2020

June 2, 2020

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